Business and support in Plubá – “Limiting the Impact of COVID-19. A 3×6 Approach”

Business and support in Plubá – “Limiting the Impact of COVID-19. A 3×6 Approach”

The 3×6 project, “limiting the impact of COVID-19” is part of a joint program funded by the Government of Japan and UNDP Guinea-Bissau and it is implemented by Engim.
The project supported the residents of Bairro de Plubá, in Bissau, through the implementation of an entrepreneurship training course, which focused in particular on the preparation of a business plan, investment plan, cash flow forecasting, business synthesis, business financing and monitoring.
This part of the project was of fundamental importance in terms of economic empowerment of the beneficiaries and will also greatly contribute to the socio-economic development of the city of Bissau. Its main objective was to train beneficiaries and monitor the implementation of their actions, promote economic empowerment and increase their participation in public policies, for young people and women in informal economic activity, catalyze the blue economy through the green economy, in the neighborhood of Plubá.

300 people benefited from the project, including 133 women, the main promoters of the informal economy. Throughout the process, the beneficiaries received 15 days of entrepreneurship training, performed community services by supporting the reconstruction of a school, waste collection in the neighborhood and the construction of a market and were supported in terms of logistics, materials and education, as well as through financial support for food and transport.

Tutors and trainees were very satisfied with the training sessions and willing to contribute to the inclusive development of their communities. The demand for such initiatives has increased, and pepole expressed their interestin replicating similar actions in other neighborhoods and communities in Bissau.
The trainers encouraged the interns to pursue their dreams and to obtain for more certifications in areas such as administration and project management.
The financed entrepreneurs are willing to contribute to sustainable local economic development.
Finally, Engim International is committed to pursuing actions of this type, in favor of the development of Guinea-Bissau.

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