About us

ENGIM Internazionale is an Italian NGO, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, active in Italy and around the world in international cooperation, social inclusion, sustainable development and international mobility.

ENGIM Internazionale has its headquarters in Rome and is present, overall, in six Italian regions (Lazio, Piemonte, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Sicilia). We are part of the ENGIM Foundation – Ente Nazionale Giuseppini del Murialdo, a national body that also operates through its regional and local offices in the field of vocational training, guidance, support for work placement, active employment policies and international cooperation.

In Piemonte, ENGIM Internazionale is based in Turin, where it works closely with the NGO headquarters in Rome and with ENGIM Piemonte training centers. The office was founded in 1990 to support the international solidarity initiatives launched by the Congregation of San Giuseppe, especially in the field of professional training.

Currently, international cooperation projects managed from Turin are developed with numerous partners in different countries of the world including Mali, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and India. The office is also involved in global citizenship education and awareness raising activities in Piemonte region. The Turin office, with the aim of promoting international solidarity, sustainable development and local autonomy, works mainly in the following sectors:

  • International cooperation and development
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Mobility and international volunteering
  • Child Sponsorship programs 

ENGIM Internazionale, in line with its history and values, works in supporting educational, technical and vocational training centers around the world. Vocational training, job placement and supporting new businesses and entrepreneurship in the global south are central in our work, especially in countries such as Guinea Bissau, Mali and Senegal.

The idea of Engim startup was born in Guinea Bissau, thanks to the three-year project “Bo fia bo pudi: Projecto par a promoção de emprego dos jovem da Guiné-Bissau”, co-financed by the European Union as part of the ANE – Actores Não Program Estatais. The project, starting from 2015, has strengthened the micro-enterprise incubator launched by CIFAP in cooperation with ENGIM, to respond to the need for employment of the younger population. The success of the project has started a broader thought on the importance of self-employment in Sahel, leading us today to work daily on business incubation in Guinea Bissau, Mali and Senegal.

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