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ENGIM was founded in 1990 with the aim to support the solidarity initiatives launched by the Congregation of St. Joseph in developing countries. Its Goal: to build on the skills developed in Italy, especially in the field of vocational training, focusing on the care and the integral education of young people through educational and training activities, social gathering and job placement.


ENGIM Internazionale is the section of the ENGIM that carries out support actions and cooperation projects in developing countries. It puts to good use the skills acquired in Italy, especially in the field of vocational training, giving priority to the care and an outright education of young people, through educational and training activities, social aggregation, accompaniment and work placement.


ENGIM is recognized as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) and it operates in 16 countries: Italy, Albania, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Sierra Leone, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Libano, Siria, Kenya, Senegal and Mexico, with direct interventions especially to vocational education, but also the reception and care of disadvantaged people.


ENGIM is a member of the COP, the Consortium of the Piedmont NGOs, as well as the FOCSIV, the Federation of Christian Organizations for International Voluntary Service. It adheres to the Association of Italian NGOs and Concord Italia, the Platform of Italian NGOs in Europe.

Engim International website


Religious Congregation of St. Joseph was born in Turin on March 19, 1873, in the Collegio Artigianelli, through the work of San Leonardo Murialdo (1828-1900).
The Josephites of Murialdo, nowadays, they re-create and strengthen their sensibility and attention not only to young people but also to the entire sphere in which they move and to the background in which they are involved: family, school, work, education, training, and self-employment.


The Josephites are present in Guinea Bissau since 1984 and they are specialized in the management of professional schools known as CIFAP (Centro Artesanal Instrução Formação Profissional). The CIFAP, situated in Bissau and Bula, are one of the most significant players in the field of vocational training situated in Guinea Bissau.


The two centers accomodate overall more then 200 young people and offer multi-year courses in: mechanics, electricity, carpentry, accounting, civil construction, agriculture.


In addition there are short courses of computer science, welding, assembly of photovoltaic system and solar panels, hardware technician, cutting and sewing. Moreover, the Josephites promote several initiatives for young people and families who live in precarious conditions favoring the autonomy of the individual and the community development.


The Giuseppini provide forms of distance support to support the works. For more information, see the website of the Friends of Guinea Bissau

Website of the Giuseppini del Murialdo

Website of the Giuseppini in Guinea Bissau