Market research study in the Oio and Cacheu regions

As part of the ENGIM/REG/11659/3 GOT project: Générer des Opportunités de Travail sur la Guinea Bissau – Sénégal – Mali funded by the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation, ENGIM has entrusted Bissau Analytics and BELAB with the task of carry out a market research study in the Guinea-Bissau Oio and Cacheu regions with the aim of analyzing the characteristics of companies operating in five different economic sectors, with a specific focus on labor demand, skills and job opportunities for companies. The research team carried out the investigation through telephone interviews and field observations. We publish below the final report we received from the research institutions, containing the result of this very interesting work.

The report is available in Portuguese and English.

Estudo de mercado nas regiões de Oio e Cacheu

Market research study in the Oio and Cacheu regions

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