Sory Kondo

Who I am

I got my degree in journalism at the University of West Africa (UCAO) at the Bamako headquarters (UUBa). After a few months of internships at AFFICABLE and ORTM, I went to Abidjan to pursue my studies and to obtain my master II in communication, journalistic address, in the televising scope.
Since 2015 I work as a video reporter for, a website and an internet television that covers three sub-regions in Mali, Nigeria and Burkina Faso (470000 visits per day on average). I had the opportunity to produce a report on the project Proteja at the headquarters of the Italian NGO ENGIM-Mali, which deals with several themes: the meeting of Malians protagonists of the diaspora, which were installed and realized, the reality of Koniakari, a city that developed thanks to
the support of the migrants, and Mopti, where, between precariousness and radicalism, leaving is still the only alternative.

My work for the Proteja project

The Malians of the Diaspora in Mopti

Build with the help of migrants

Away from precariousness and radicalism

Proteja – Projet pour le travail et l’emploi des jeunes africains– REG/ENGIM/10733/7