Shaka Z. Traore

Who I am

My background is socio-anthropological, but I am a professional journalist, working for over 15 years for Radio Kayira de Bamako.
I played roles of great responsibility: from 2004 to 2014 radio director Kayira de Bamako, one of Kayira’s radio stations that today can count 10 radios in different countries. Four years later, I became the coordinator of Kayira’s communications network. On the antennae of Kayira’s communications network, almost all Malian national languages ​​are spoken beyond the French.
Moré is also spoken, a language of Burkina Faso. Kayira is an associative radio and one of the democratic surveillance platforms to raise awareness and educate the population, goals for which Kayira has created 6 missions to combat xenophobia, the spread of principles based on intolerance, racism and exclusion of minorities.

My work

Proteja – Projet pour le travail et l’emploi des jeunes africains– REG/ENGIM/10733/7