Mohamadou Toure

Who I am

I’m 25 years old and a Malian journalist. I started practicing the profession in 2010, initially working for Radio Bamakan, the first radio station in Mali and then for Radio Voix for young people, and finally in 2013, I started my career at Studio Tamani, which I am one of six editors. I am also coordinator and host of the main broadcast of Studio Tamani «Le Grand Dialogue». Studio Tamani was born as a radio information program, and is issued every day in Mali. In August 2013, a news and discussion newspaper, “Le Grand Dialogue”, written in 5 different languages, and topical newsletters, was born, which also deal with different problems. The editorial staff is made up of Malian journalists who work in Bamako but are constantly in touch with the rest of the country.
Studio Tamani was created by the Hirondelle Foundation, an organization that supports the creation of independent media in crisis areas in partnership with URTEL, the unification of free radio and television in Mali.

My works for the Proteja project

The forgotten Malians of Central Africa

Proteja – Projet pour le travail et l’emploi des jeunes africains– REG/ENGIM/10733/7