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Bo fia, bo pudi!

The project “Bo fia, bo pudi!” (in creole: “if you believe it, you can do it!”), co-financed by the European Union, aims to reduce the unemployment rate in Guiné-Bissau, contributing to heighten job creation, especially for the youngsters.
The business incubator “ENGIM-CIFAP” in Bissau has been enhanced giving support to 23 micro-enterprises of young entrepreneurs, sustained since the first steps of their development by a team of specialised tutors.

PROTEJA – Projet pour le travail et l’emploi des jeunes africains

The aim of the project PROTEJA is to decrease social and economic exclusion of male and female youngsters, which are potential migrants, in Mali and Guiné-Bissau , and of displaced people or refugees involved in the transit or return to the North of Mali. PROTEJA promotes the employment and entrepreneurial spirit as a factor of social and economic integration.

In Bissau PROTEJA has been implemented in collaboration with the incubator “ENGIM-CIFAP”, and supports 8 mini-enterprises in Bissau and Bula.
In Mali PROTEJA supports 20 micro-enterprises in the regions of Mopti and Kayes, with the support of the technical partner CREATEAM, an incubator in Bamako promoted by Orange Mali.


The challenge of those leaving , the challenge of those staying : journalists from Mali, Guiné-Bissau and Italy tell the roots of the different choices which led men and women to decide to emigrate or stay in their country.
With the participation of journalists from Mali and Guiné-Bissau, we told stories about migration, returns and successes tied to the skill of doing business .

The narration involved both migrants in Italy and potential migrants in Mali and Guiné-Bissau, migrants that went back to their country of origin or displaced people that would want to go back to their villages, and also the many youngsters that try everyday to build their future with a job at home.

Local and European media were involved, as well as journalists from both continents, with the aim of offering different and thus richer point of views.


“Guinendadi – Stories of revolution and development in Guiné-Bissau ” is a reportage promoted by ENGIM and realized by a group of italian journalists , and tells the story of an African country – Guiné-Bissau- beyond the mainstream topics such as colonization, military coups, political instability, cocaine trafficking, sexual tourism and dramatic level of poverty. Through texts, photos and unreleased videos collected during an on-site travel, the viewer dive into the discovery of a remote country, unknown to most people. Guinendadi presents the voices and the stories of the ones -either in the economic, cultural, social, artistic or political field- that are mobilizing to find local solutions and design a way to development.


Guinendadi won the first prize as Best Reportage realized in Piemonte , the second prize as Best International Reportage (Italy, France and Spain) and the first prize as Best Reportage chosen by the international audience between 18 reportages financed by the DevReporter Grant in 2016.